FAQs for TIPS on General Skilled Migration

1. What is TIPS on GSM?

Time-saving Immigration Practice Solutions (TIPS) on General Skilled Migration (GSM) is a set of data gathering assessment forms, tables, summary of skills, assessment requirements for most occupations in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL), and precedent letters of advice designed for use by migration agents. This is referred to as “TIPS on GSM” in the website.

TIPS on GSM consist of two parts:

1.      Precedents on Skills Assessment of most nominated occupations in the CSOL.

2.      Precedent forms and letters of advice for the GSM visas under SkillSelect. 

2. What are the objectives of TIPS on GSM?

a. To provide a solid and systematic guide in addressing the criteria for visa grants.
b. To improve the quality of, and to standardise advice.
c. To save research time for migration agents.

3. How can TIPS on GSM help me?

TIPS on GSM will assist you in gathering information from the visa applicant to meet the general criteria for skills assessment and to quickly advise on whether the potential visa applicant meets the criteria for a permanent or temporary visa under GSM, or to explain the reason for their failure to meet the criteria for a visa grant, and recommend a plan of action.

4. Can I receive a notification when updates occur?

Notifications of revisions to the precedents will be available on the website. We will also endeavour to send a notice to existing purchasers if there are major changes or updates after their initial purchase.

5. Who updates it?

All updates on changes to migration legislation and policy or on the assessment guidelines by the relevant skills assessing authorities will be uploaded to the website only after a review of the updates have been made by the author or a registered migration agent.

6. How can I lodge a complaint or an appeal, or provide feedback or suggestions?

All feedback on the materials and assessment can be submitted through the user feedback form available on the Migration Precedents Australia website www.migrationprecedents.com.au, or by email to mziargel@gmail.com (Attention: MPA Manager). If you wish to make a more specific suggestion regarding TIPS on GSM, you are most welcome to do this by mail or by phone on (02) 9982 8616 (Attention: MPA Manager).

7. What do I do if I find an error in the precedents?

While every effort is made to ensure that materials in the precedents are correct and up to date, if you find any error, you are encouraged to contact us by email or by phone 02 9982 8616 (Attention: MPA Manager).

8. Where can I find further information about the author, or the products?

You can find further information relating to the MPA Manager or the author of TIPS on GSM and her qualifications on the above tab "Who we are" or by visiting the website www.iargel.com.au.

9. How can I apply for a refund?

Please read our refund policy.

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