TIPS on GSM consists of two parts:
  1. Precedents on Skills Assessment of most occupations in the SOL and the CSOL.
  2. Precedent form and letters of advice for the new GSM visas under Skillselect.

1.      Precedent forms and letters of advice (Templates)

Form 1 must be completed by the client before you provide advice. It is the basis of your advice. It is aimed at gathering information to determine whether your client may satisfy the criteria for the visa. A space is provided for you to mark the points which your client may be entitled to, to determine whether or not the pass mark can be met.

The Points Test Table briefly shows the criteria, how it is met and the points allocated to each criterion. It is linked to the DIAC website to provide you with easy access to details.

The Skills Assessment Table provides information on the relevant skills assessing body, the skills assessment requirements for overseas qualified applicants, and the range of fees charged for skills assessment, at a glance.  It is divided into:

  •         Skills Assessment Table A -  for Professionals and Trade Occupations; and
  •         Skills Assessment Table B - for Health Related Occupations.

It shows the minimum English test scores required, the relevance of the country education profile (CEP), any requisite work experience, overseas country registration, or Australian national or state board registration. The table may not always be relevant for Australian qualified applicants.  However, the links to the relevant skills assessing authorities are useful for verifying and/or updating the information in Annexure B pertaining to Australian qualifications.

State and Territory Nomination for Occupations listed in their State Migration Plan

Links are provided to the State Migration Plans to determine if your client’s occupation is currently listed for nomination by a State or Territory government.

Use the Pass Letter template for drafting a letter of advice to a client who is likely to pass the points test and/or meet the skills assessment criteria. Finalise it in accordance with the information your client has provided in Form 1.  It contains a summary of the points which your client is entitled to. It includes an offer of your services, references to an estimate of your fees, charges and disbursements, the next steps to be carried out by your client to accept your services, and the validity period of your offer for services.

Use the Fail Letter template for drafting a letter of advice to a client who is not likely to pass the points test or meet the skills assessment criteria.  You should identify the criteria which your client is not likely to meet, recommend an action, and suggest to contact you again to review the situation in case of additional information, change of circumstances or change of Migration Regulations 1994 (Migration Regulations) or Policy.

Annexure A contains general information on the SkillSelect process. It provides a short explanation of the process and the criteria for visa subclasses 489, 189 and 190 visas, including English skills, age, health and character, the points test, the pass mark, state or territory government nomination and sponsorship by a relative. It also provides information on relatives who may be included in your client’s visa application.

Annexure B is a skills assessment summary for the nominated occupation of your client.

It provides information on the relevant skills assessing authority for the specified nominated occupation. It also includes the requirements that must be met to qualify for a suitable skills assessment. Some contain flowcharts reproduced from the website of the skills assessing authority.

  •  Section I refers to the required educational qualification.

In most cases Australian qualifications will meet the criteria for a suitable skills assessment without need for further examination.  However, in certain occupations, the degree, diploma or certificate, course content or education provider must meet additional criteria such as work experience (e.g. for child care coordinators) or specific English test scores (e.g. for registered nurses).  If the Annexure B template and the information on the relevant website are not sufficiently clear, click on the link to the skills assessing authority directly for clarification, and edit as necessary.

This section may contain the list of the core subjects required, if any; the eligibility requirements to undertake the theoretical examination and a short description of the theoretical or written examination or assessment; the practical or clinical examination; Australian state or territory registration if required, and/or any additional requirements.

  • Section II refers to English skills for the purpose of skills assessment.  In particular, the required Band score in the International English Language    Testing System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET) results, any exemptions from English testing (where applicable) or whether there is no English test requirement.
  • Section III refers to additional information on work experience, eligibility and the examination process, if this information was not stated in Section I.
  • Section IV is where you determine and write your own opinion on whether your client is likely to qualify for a suitable skills assessment.  If applicable, add whether your client’s overseas qualification (based on the CEP), is likely to be comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree, diploma or certificate.

Certain occupations under Annexure B contain hyperlinks to the relevant Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) webpage, the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), the Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI), accredited courses, qualifications and professional associations, Australian health registration boards, and assessment flowcharts, where available.

Annexure C is a quote for your professional fees and disbursements, which you must complete, and if accepted, must be re-stated in your Fee Agreement.


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