Successful Submissions

SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSIONS is a compilation of selected sample submissions to the Department of Immigration and/or  to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) (now part of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal), which resulted in VISA GRANT.

Addressing the criteria at the time of application and at the time of decision through submissions have certainly assisted  the case officers in making favourable decisions. 

The selection ranges from simple to complicated situations. The supporting documents are listed in the Annexures.

Careful attention must be made to the date of the relevant submission in relation to current legislation.

These submissions should be useful in assisting  with the presentation of your case. 

In her almost 20 years of migration practice, the author achieved a 90% rate of successful VISA GRANT. Refer to the page on the author's profile to read more about  her achievements and awards.

Table of Contents

Partner Visas:

  • 300 prospective spouse
  • 309 basic offshore
  • 309 unlawful long term 7 dependents
  • 309 unlawful, KSA police clearance
  • 457 same sex dependent partner
  • 801 cover letter general
  • 820 family violence issue
  • 820 incorrect passport details issue
  • 820 onshore from USA 

MRT (AAT) Appeal cases:

  • Carer- Language and cuisine
  • Child- Adoption by custom, Family Violence
  • Health Waiver- Significant costs
  • Partner- Anonymous allegations, Post hearing
  • Partner- Living apart not permanent
  • Remaining Relative- child
  • Time of decision- MRT decision
  • Visitor- Risk factor

Child Visas:
  • Visa 445  three  siblings combined
  • Visa  101 not previously declared
  • Visa 101 over 18
  • Evidence of dependency 
  • RSMS over 55, dependents over 18
  • Aged dependent
  • Carer
  • Retirement visa
  • NSW State Sponsorship

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Successful Submissions
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