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“A Pebble That Floats”

SBS interview here

In the 70s, Imelda Argel had a rising career as a top corporate lawyer in Manila, Philippines.

A painful betrayal forced her to restart life as a single mother in Sydney, Australia in 1988, where she struggled with discrimination, often viewed as little more than a “mail order bride”.

In this memoir, she offers insights and practical stories on how she faced challenges in her new country, battling the odds to regain recognition of her qualifications while coping with a downshift in lifestyle but eventually winning awards for her professional and community contributions and finding love beyond expectation.

What they say:

"An inspiring story of a woman who notwithstanding the cruelties, treacheries and obstacles she had to hurdle, found her share of peace, love and happiness in a foreign land in the Autumn of her life, through sheer strength, courage, perseverance and determination. A must read for all who feel overwhelmed by life's burdens and sorrows.” Tony Pastelero, lawyer, Chairman, UP Student Council (1968-69), Philippines.

“Perseverance and strength of an empowered Filipino woman is felt in the book”. Evelyn Zaragoza, Publisher, The Philippine Community Herald Newspaper, Australia

“A Pebble That Floats, is a life lesson on how to leave behind a marriage misfortune, seek success and later on enjoy its fruits.” Ronald Manila, SBS Radio, Australia

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