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Time-saving Practice Solutions (TIPS) is a series of publications to assist you in your practice.

A selection of articles on immigration is also available for your information, FREE of charge.

Time-Saving Practice Solutions (TIPS) on General Skilled Migration (GSM) and Skills Assessment

As registered migration agents, you have a social and ethical responsibility to ensure that our advice on the prospects of a client’s success or failure in obtaining suitable skills assessment and on visa approval is based on the latest skills assessment policy guidelines and the most recent changes to the Migration Regulations. A written advice following face to face consultation demonstrates professionalism and is the best practice in file management.

You can use our data gathering form to limit the information received from clients to what you actually need, without going through irrelevant data from long resumes.

You can use our precedent (template) letters of advice to address whether or not your potential client is likely to:

  • Obtain a suitable skills assessment
  • Meet the criteria for visa grant
You no longer have to ignore email enquiries from potential clients who ask whether they can work or migrate to Australia. Now you can provide frank, candid and sound advice within minutes and at the same time charge fees for your advice.

Skills Assessment for Occupations in the SOL and the CSOL

The 2013 version is at a discounted price. You can use this version until an updated version is published. Use the hyperlinks to obtain updated information. 

We have summarised the required qualification, work experience and English skills to meet the criteria for suitable skills assessment, of most skills assessing authorities under their policy guidelines.

You can use our summary to minimize going through the voluminous pages of skills assessing authority websites to find the information you need for your advice.

Quick Reference Table of Requirements

Our quick reference table of requirements for most nominated occupations, shows at a glance: 

§         Minimum English skills (if required);

§         Theoretical, practical or clinical examinations (where required);

§         Work experience (if required);

§         Relevance of the Country Education Profile (CEP) in relation to overseas qualification;

§         Registration with overseas registration boards (if required);

§         Registration Boards in Australia, if required, with hyperlinks to their website;

§         Skills assessing authorities with hyperlinks to their website; and 

§         Skills assessment fees.



You will also find hyperlinks directly to the relevant webpages of DIBP, various State Migration Plan, ANZSCO, ASRI, accredited courses, qualifications and professional associations, Australian health registration boards, and assessment flowcharts, for easy reference.


Payment by bank cheque or Australian Post money order

If you prefer not to pay by a Mastercard or Visacard, you may post a money order or bank cheque payable to “Maria Imelda Argel”, to our office address together with your registration details (login name, password, and email address). However, if you choose this option, you must allow five working days before you access the material/s, to allow sufficient time for our website technical support to manually activate your account for this extra service and  avoid payment of an additional technical service charge.


Time Saving Practice Solutions on Office Management

Is your office running efficiently even when you are not there?

Our Staff Operating Manual provides useful tools in managing a small legal or migration sole practice. It contains “scripts” in answering phone enquiries, “how tos” in managing correspondence, opening and closing client files, creating client status reports to assist you in monitoring your client matters, and many others. It also provides templates for record keeping of client payments, instructions on frequently used computer functions and other routine administrative work.

Tried and tested over the years, using this Manual will enable you to maintain the quality of your service, even with casual staff. It can minimise your stress, particularly, when the only regular employee you have patiently trained and invested your time and resources in, suddenly leaves you!

This Manual is also a great aid in freeing up your time, allowing you to focus on other important matters such as attending to clients, networking and promoting your practice.

Upon payment of the purchase price, you will be entitled to download the Staff Operating Manual and be authorised to use and revise the Manual to suit the needs of your own practice (although the copyright remains with the author). You can easily customise it to suit your unique business.

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